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The AAMS has moved!

A note is pinned to the door:

"Dear clients and friends,

The AAMS has moved to a new location.  Please address all further inquired to  All employees who have not updated their files are encouraged to register at the new location, so you may remain in contact with the company.

AAMS Management."

Welcome to The Anytime, Anywhere Messenger Service!

What is the AAMS?

    •    A neutral, cross-faction organization dedicated to promoting peace and communication between the Horde and the Alliance. We provide delivery and translations services, and are pretty flexible about what other jobs we'll take on.
    •    Mechanically registered as two guilds, "AAMS" on the Horde side and "AAMS Alliance Branch" on the Alliance, but functionally a single guild with a shared website, Vent server, etc.
    •    An RP guild focused on creating and helping with RP events, especially those that involve both factions.
    •    A casual guild designed for real people with real lives.  We never require any specific level of commitment or involvement, and may even tell you to take a break if you're seeming stressed!
    •    Small.  The AAMS has a pretty specific mission, and it's not for everyone.  You'll get to know everyone in the guild very quickly as a result -- and we can always use more people!

Reasons to join:

    •    Fun!  Lots of it.  What we do is think up new RP events, and we're good at it.  You'll do things you hadn't ever thought of before with your character and with the game mechanics.
    •    In-character interaction in the guild chat and at RP events.  We also often get sent on specific jobs like delivering packages cross-faction, which introduces you to many other roleplayers.
    •    The unique experience of being "neutral" in a world where most RP is driven by conflict.  The AAMS gets to be the peacemakers and problem-solvers in a lot of server RP.
    •    Events, events, and more events.  We try to always have a planned event of our own, plus special events and helping with anyone else who needs cross-faction translators or messengers for their RP. 
    •    Cash, from time to time -- people tip well for our services, and when the officers remember we send out in-character "paychecks" too.  It's not big bucks, but it's fun!

Things you won't find here:

    •    Dramatic or lore-breaking characters.  While we love to have unusual and interesting characters,  cat-girls, vampires, dragons in disguise, and that super-sneaky character who is secretly infiltrating us for nefarious purposes may apply elsewhere, please.
    •    Lots of PvP.   The AAMS is willing to defend itself when attacked, and we're far from pushovers.  However, our role as a neutral organization means we tend to avoid fights, and forbid our members from engaging in hostile attacks.  ((OOC Battlegrounds and such are still allowed.))
    •    PvE Progression -  Simply put, we're a very small guild, and don't have the numbers to field raid groups.  We prefer to focus on role play.  However, the OOC community is very welcoming and it's not uncommon to have gross-guild raid groups formed. 

How to Contact the AAMS:

    •    Right here!  Our forums are active and are checked daily (or close to it) by our various officers.  If you post something in one of the publicly-accessible folders we'll see it very soon.
    •    On the realm forums.  If you start a thread with the letters "AAMS" in it in all-caps, odds are that we'll notice and take a look.  This is good for people who want it known by other characters that they're trying to contact the AAMS.
    •    Find us in-game.  You can always do a "/who AAMS" search and whisper anyone you find.  We're a small guild -- pretty much everyone should always know what's going on.  You can also join the channel "AAMSooc" since there's usually at least one person hanging out there in the evenings on an alt.
    •    Want to apply for membership? You can do that here- just scroll up to the top of the page and click "Join AAMS"  It's that easy!  Also check out our AAMS Manual to learn more details about how the guild functions.

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